Hazard Disaggregation Outputs#

The OpenQuake engine output of a disaggregation analysis corresponds to the combination of a hazard curve and a multidimensional matrix containing the results of the disaggregation. For a typical disaggregation calculation the list of outputs are the following:

user@ubuntu:~$ oq engine --lo <calc_id>
id | name
**3** | Disaggregation Outputs
5 | Full Report
6 | Realizations

Running --export-output to export the disaggregation results will produce individual files for each site. In presence of a nontrivial logic tree the user can specify the realization on which to perform the disaggregation by setting the rlz_index parameter in the job.ini file. If not specified, the engine will compute the mean disaggregation across all realizations. NB: before version 3.17 the default algorithm used was different: only the realization closest to the mean hazard curve was selected and used perform the disaggregation. This was a choice forced by performance limitations that do not apply to recent versions of the disaggregation calculator.