Underlying Science#

This section aims to provide an explanation of the scientific basis and the methodologies adopted in the implementation of the OpenQuake engine, an open source code for seismic hazard and physical risk calculation. The material follows the traditional openness and transparency features of the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) as clearly indicated in the development principles of the OpenQuake engine. A particular emphasis is placed on transparency, reproducibility, community-based develop- ment and testing (Pagani et al., 2014a), the central tenets of the development process adopted since the early stages of the project.

The material presented herein is based on The OpenQuake engine Book: Hazard (Pagani et al., 2014c) and The OpenQuake engine Book: Risk (Croweley et al., 2013).


This section contains the bibliography, the glossary and the acronyms used throughout the Underlying Science sections.