User Guide#

This user guide is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the OpenQuake engine, its capabilities and how to use it. It is divided into several sections, each of which is intended to provide a detailed description of a specific aspect of the engine.

The first section, Calculation Workflows, describes the various calculation workflows that are curently supported by the OpenQuake engine.

The second section, Input Models, describes the input models that are required to run various OpenQuake engine calculations and their file formats.

The third section, Configuration File and Configuration Parameters, describes the configuration file that is used to specify the calculation settings and we provide the list of available calculation parameters for each calculation workflow.

The fourth section, Outputs, describes the output files that are generated by the OpenQuake engine following successful calculations and their file formats.

The fifth section, Special Features of the Engine, describes the special features of the OpenQuake engine, such as the ability to run sensitivity analyses.

The sixth section, Advanced Calculations, is intended as a guide for advanced users who wish to run calculations that are more complex and require more detailed knowledge of the OpenQuake engine.

The seventh section, Useful OpenQuake Commands, provides a list of useful oq commands.