This section summarizes key aspects of the exposure development for Oceania. Additional technical details are available in the recommended citation below.

The exposure files for Oceania are available at: gem/global_exposure_model.

Recommended Citation

For Australia:

Dunford, M., Power, L. (2014). National Exposure Information System (NEXIS) Building Exposure - Statistical Area Level 1 (SA1). Geoscience Australia, Canberra, Australia. doi:10.4225/25/5420C7F537B15

For New Zealand:

Abbott, E., Horspool, N., Gerstenberger, M., Huso, R., Van Houtte, C., McVerry, G., Canessa, S. (2020). Challenges and opportunities in New Zealand seismic hazard and risk modelling using OpenQuake. Earthquake Spectra, 36, 210-225. doi:10.1177/8755293020966338

For the Pacific Islands:

Pacific: Catastrophe Risk Assessment and Financing Initiative - PCRAFI

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