Seismic risk metrics were estimated using the event-based risk calculator of the OpenQuake-engine. The hazard models described in the Hazard section are used to create an earthquake rupture forecast, which is used to generate a stochastic event set (SES). Ground motion fields are calculated for each stochastic event and site, using multiple ground motion prediction equations as specified for the relevant tectonic region type. Site conditions are considered using the simplified approach to estimate Vs30 using topography as proposed by Wald and Allen (2007). The ground shaking is calculated at each asset location, which combines with the associated vulnerability curves (see the Vulnerability section) and the exposed values (e.g., number of occupants, replacement value; see the Exposure section) to compute the expected loss for each event in the SES. This represents an event loss table (ELT), which can be used to calculate both average annualized losses (AAL) and exceedance probability curves.

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