Continuous integration and testing for OpenQuake#

Automatic testing#

The OpenQuake code is automatically tested by Continuous integration systems (GitHub and GitLab Actions), at every merge and every night.

Manual testing#

The full suite of tests for the OpenQuake Engine can be run using pytest from source code:

$ oq dbserver upgrade
$ pytest -v openquake

Python packages can also be specified to run only a subset of tests. Some examples are:

# Hazardlib
$ pytest -vs openquake/hazardlib

# Calculators
$ oq dbserver start
$ pytest -vs openquake/calculators

# Engine server
$ oq dbserver start
$ pytest -vs openquake/server

See the pytest documentation for further information and command options.

Getting help#

If you need help or have questions/comments/feedback for us, you can subscribe to the OpenQuake users mailing list: