openquake.hmtk.comparison package


openquake.hmtk.comparison.rate_grids module

Python tools for calculating activity rates on a grid from a source model

class openquake.hmtk.comparison.rate_grids.RateGrid(limits, sources, area_discretisation=10.0)[source]

Bases: object

Class for calculation of activity rate grids

  • xspc (float) – Longitude spacing of grid
  • yspc (float) – Latitude spacing of grid
  • zspc (float) – Depth spacing (km) of grid
  • xlim (np.ndarray) – Longitude cell bounds
  • ylim (np.ndarray) – Latitude cell bounds
  • zlim (np.ndarray) – Depth cell bounds
  • nx (int) – Number of longitude cells
  • ny (int) – Number of latitude cells
  • nz (int) – Number of depth cells
  • source_model (list) – Seismic source mode
  • rates (np.ndarray) – Activity rates
  • area_discretisation (float) – Discretisation step (km) of area sources
classmethod from_model_files(limits, input_model, investigation_time=1.0, simple_mesh_spacing=1.0, complex_mesh_spacing=5.0, mfd_width=0.1, area_discretisation=10.0)[source]

Reads the hazard model from a file

  • limits (list) –
    Grid configuration [west, east, xspc, south, north, yspc,
    upper, lower, zspc]
  • input_model (str) – Path to input source model
  • investigation_time (float) – Investigation time of Poisson model
  • simple_mesh_spacing (float) – Rupture mesh spacing of simple fault (km)
  • complex_mesh_spacing (float) – Rupture mesh spacing of complex fault (km)
  • mfd_width (float) – Spacing (in magnitude units) of MFD
  • area_discretisation (float) – Spacing of discretisation of area source (km)
get_rates(mmin, mmax=inf)[source]

Returns the cumulative rates greater than Mmin

Parameters:mmin (float) – Minimum magnitude

Returns the number of sources

class openquake.hmtk.comparison.rate_grids.RatePolygon(limits, sources, area_discretisation=10.0)[source]

Bases: openquake.hmtk.comparison.rate_grids.RateGrid

Calculates the rate of events within a polygon

  • limits – Polygon as instance of :class: openquake.hazardlib.geo.polygon.Polygon
  • upper_depth (float) – Upper seismic depth of the polygon (km)
  • lower_depth (float) – Lower seismic depth of the polygon (km)
  • source_model (list) – List of seismic sources
  • rates (float) – Activity rate of polygon
  • area_discretisation (float) – Discretisation spacing (km) of the area source

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