Data Sources#


The primary data source for the exposure model of Kazakhstan was the 2021 Statistical Compilation “On the housing stock”, namely the number of houses by exterior wall materials and commissioning year. For the non-residential models (industrial and commercial), the information about the employment by economic activities and regions and number of registered legal entities was considered. All this information is published online by the Bureau of National statistics of Kazakhstan.


The official statistics of the Kyrgyz Republic, released by the National Statistical Committee in 2020 and 2021 contain information about the number of dwelling houses by territory, and the total living space per people, which were used to build the residential exposure model of the country. The industrial and commercial models were based on the number of employees by type of economic activity and territory, which was then used as a proxy to estimate the number of buildings.


The residential exposure model for Tajikistan was developed primarily considering the area of housing facilities by region in 2020, which was released by the Agency on Statistics under President of the Republic of Tajikistan. The same agency has information about the number of employees by economic activity and economic entities by region in 2019, which was considered to create the commercial and industrial models of the country.


Information on the building stock for Turkmenistan is very scarce. For this reason, the exposure models for this country were built using a top-down approach, in which the gridded population dataset from WorldPop was used as a proxy for the number of buildings. The industrial and commercial models were based on the labour force by economic activity reported in the 2020 Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific, from the Asian Development Bank.


The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics released data about the Total area of housing stock by region in 2020 and the distribution of housing stock by wall material. These variables were used to develop the residential exposure model. The labour force by economic activity were used to build the non-residential models, together with information released in 2020 from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).