3. The plugin’s toolbar

When the IRMT plugin is installed, it adds its own toolbar to those available on the QGIS graphical user interface. The plugin’s toolbar contains the buttons listed below. For each button, this manual provides a separate chapter with the description of its functionality and of the typical workflow in which it is used. Please follow the links next to the button icons, to reach the corresponding documentation.

By pressing the QGIS What’s This? button and then clicking one of the buttons of the IRMT toolbar, the user will be redirected to the corresponding explanation in this user manual.


The toolbar’s buttons are disabled when the corresponding functionalities can not be performed. For instance, the Transform attributes button will be available only as long as one of the loaded layers is activated.

icon-connection-settings OpenQuake Platform connection settings

icon-load-indicators Loading socioeconomic indicators from the OpenQuake Platform

icon-import-project Downloading a project from the OpenQuake Platform

icon-transform-attributes Transforming attributes

icon-project-definitions-manager Project definitions manager

icon-weight-and-calculate Weighting data and calculating indices

icon-aggregate-loss-by-zone Aggregating loss by zone

icon-upload Uploading a project to the OpenQuake Platform

icon-manual A web browser will be opened, showing the html version of this manual