Geomatrix 1993

class openquake.hazardlib.gsim.geomatrix_1993.Geomatrix1993SSlabNSHMP2008[source]

Implements GMPE for subduction intraslab events developed by Geomatrix Consultants, Inc., 1993, “Seismic margin earthquake for the Trojan site: Final unpublished report prepared for Portland General Electric Trojan Nuclear Plant”, Ranier, Oregon.

This class implements the equation as coded in the subroutine getGeom in the hazgridXnga2.f Fortran code available at:

Coefficients are given for the B/C site conditions.

COEFFS = <openquake.hazardlib.gsim.base.CoeffsTable object>

Coefficient table obtained from coefficient arrays and variables defined in subroutine getGeom in hazgridXnga2.f


Supported intensity measure component is the geometric mean of two horizontal components

DEFINED_FOR_INTENSITY_MEASURE_TYPES = set([<class 'openquake.hazardlib.imt.PGA'>, <class 'openquake.hazardlib.imt.SA'>])

Supported intensity measure types are spectral acceleration, and peak ground acceleration


Supported standard deviation type is only total.


Supported tectonic region type is subduction intraslab

REQUIRES_DISTANCES = set(['rrup'])

Required distance measure is rrup (closest distance to rupture)

REQUIRES_RUPTURE_PARAMETERS = set(['ztor', 'mag'])

Required rupture parameters are magnitude and top of rupture depth


No site parameters required

get_mean_and_stddevs(sites, rup, dists, imt, stddev_types)[source]

See superclass method for spec of input and result values.