Faccioli et al. 2010

class openquake.hazardlib.gsim.faccioli_2010.FaccioliEtAl2010[source]

Implements GMPE developed by Ezio Faccioli, Aldo Bianchini and Manuela Villani and published as “New ground motion prediction equations for T>1 s and their influence on seismic hazard assessment” (Proceedings of the University of Tokyo Symposium on Long-Period Ground Motion and Urban Disaster Mitigation, March 17-18, 2010). This class implements the prediction equations for horizontal peak ground acceleration, and 5%-damped spectral acceleration - equation 2 page 2, plus site and faulting style terms (equations 3 and 5, page 3). Spectral acceleration (SA) values are obtained from displacement response spectrum (DSR) values (as provided by the original equations) using the following formula

SA = DSR * (2 * π / T) ** 2

This class extends :class: ~openquake.hazardlib.gsim.cauzzi_faccioli_2008.CauzziFaccioli2008 because the functional form is almost identical - the only difference is in the third term which rather then using hypocentral distance, uses closest distance to the rupture and additionaly considers a magnitude dependence.

COEFFS = <openquake.hazardlib.gsim.base.CoeffsTable object>

Coefficient table as from table 1 page 7

DEFINED_FOR_INTENSITY_MEASURE_TYPES = set([<class 'openquake.hazardlib.imt.PGA'>, <class 'openquake.hazardlib.imt.SA'>])

Supported intensity measure types are spectral acceleration, and peak ground acceleration, see table 1, page 7.

REQUIRES_DISTANCES = set(['rrup'])

Required distance measure is rrup, equation 2, page 2.