Climent et al. 1994

class openquake.hazardlib.gsim.climent_1994.ClimentEtAl1994[source]

Implements GMPE developed by Climent, A, W. Taylor, M. Ciudad Real, W. Strauch, M. Villagran, A. Dahle, and H. Bungum. Published as a NORSAR report: “Spectral strong motion attenuation in Central Ame- rica”, NORSAR Technical Report No. 2-17, 46 pp. The original formulation predict PGA (m/s*s) and 5% damped PSV (m/s) for the largest component of horizontal ground motion. In this implementation: Spectral acceleration (SA) values are obtained from PSV ones using the following formula :

SA = [PSV * (2 * pi/ T)]/ratio(SA_larger/SA_geo_mean) StdDev.TOTAL=StdDev.TOTAL/sd_ratio(SA_larger/SA_geo_mean)

The ratio() and sd_ratio() from Beyer and Bommer(2006)

COEFFS = <openquake.hazardlib.gsim.base.CoeffsTable object>

Equation coefficients, described in Table 4.1 on pp. 22 the original imt values are defined as frequencies values the sigma_ls was excluded


Supported intensity measure component is the largest component of two horizontal components openquake.hazardlib.const.IMC.GREATER_OF_TWO_HORIZONTAL, see paragraph before table on Summary, page 1.

DEFINED_FOR_INTENSITY_MEASURE_TYPES = set([<class 'openquake.hazardlib.imt.PGA'>, <class 'openquake.hazardlib.imt.SA'>])

Supported intensity measure types are spectral acceleration, and peak ground acceleration. See Table 2 in page 1865


Supported standard deviation types is total. See equation 1 on the Summary and Table 4.1, page 22.


Supported tectonic region type is active shallow crust and/or interface subduction the authors did not distinction between shallow and sudbdution events (see topic 5.3 “Shallow crustal vs.subduction events, pag. 32). Any factor/parameter is used in the formulation to discriminate between shallow or interface tectonic regime, here this GMPE is implemented for active_shallow_crust only

REQUIRES_DISTANCES = set(['rhypo'])

Required distance measure is Rhypo, explained in page 1(eq. 1)


Required rupture parameters are magnitude.


Required site parameters. The GMPE was developed for rock and soil site conditions. The parameter S in eq. 1 (see Summary) define the soil condition: S=0 for rock, S=1 for soil. Here we use the Vs30=760 as limit between the two soil conditions

get_mean_and_stddevs(sites, rup, dists, imt, stddev_types)[source]

See superclass method for spec of input and result values.