Akkar and Cagnan 2010

class openquake.hazardlib.gsim.akkar_cagnan_2010.AkkarCagnan2010[source]

Implements GMPE developed by Sinnan Akkar and Zehra Cagnan and published as “A Local Ground-Motion Predictive Model for Turkey, and Its Comparison with Other Regional and Global Ground-Motion Models” (2010, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Volume 100, No. 6, pages 2978-2995). It extends openquake.hazardlib.gsim.boore_atkinson_2008.BooreAtkinson2008 because the linear and non-linear site effects are described by the same site response function used in Boore and Atkinson 2008.

COEFFS_AC10 = <openquake.hazardlib.gsim.base.CoeffsTable object>

Coefficient table (from Table 3, p. 2985) sigma is the ‘intra-event’ standard deviation, while tau is the ‘inter-event’ standard deviation


Supported intensity measure component is geometric mean of two horizontal components : attr:~openquake.hazardlib.const.IMC.AVERAGE_HORIZONTAL, see paragraph ‘Functional Form’, p. 2981.

DEFINED_FOR_INTENSITY_MEASURE_TYPES = set([<class 'openquake.hazardlib.imt.PGA'>, <class 'openquake.hazardlib.imt.SA'>, <class 'openquake.hazardlib.imt.PGV'>])

Supported intensity measure types are spectral acceleration, peak ground velocity and peak ground acceleration, see paragraph

DEFINED_FOR_STANDARD_DEVIATION_TYPES = set(['Total', 'Inter event', 'Intra event'])

Supported standard deviation types are inter-event, intra-event and total, see Table 3, p. 2985.


Supported tectonic region type is active shallow crust (the equations being developed for Turkey, see paragraph ‘Strong Motion Databank’, p. 2981)


Required distance measure is Rjb. See paragraph ‘Functional Form’, p. 2981.

REQUIRES_RUPTURE_PARAMETERS = set(['rake', 'mag'])

Required rupture parameters are magnitude, and rake. See paragraph ‘Functional Form’, p. 2981.


Required site parameters is Vs30. See paragraph ‘Functionl Form’, p. 2981.

get_mean_and_stddevs(sites, rup, dists, imt, stddev_types)[source]

See superclass method for spec of input and result values.