Nodal plane

Module openquake.hazardlib.geo.nodalplane implements NodalPlane.

class openquake.hazardlib.geo.nodalplane.NodalPlane(strike, dip, rake)[source]

Nodal plane represents earthquake rupture orientation and propagation direction.

  • strike – Angle between line created by the intersection of rupture plane and the North direction (defined between 0 and 360 degrees).
  • dip – Angle between earth surface and fault plane (defined between 0 and 90 degrees).
  • rake – Angle describing rupture propagation direction (defined between -180 and +180 degrees).

ValueError – If any of parameters exceeds the definition range.

classmethod check_dip(dip)[source]

Check if dip is in range (0, 90] and raise ValueError otherwise.

classmethod check_rake(rake)[source]

Check if rake is in range (-180, 180] and raise ValueError otherwise.

classmethod check_strike(strike)[source]

Check if strike is in range [0, 360) and raise ValueError otherwise.