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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
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Module :mod:`openquake.hazardlib.scalerel.wc1994_qcss` implements
from openquake.hazardlib.scalerel.base import BaseMSRSigma

[docs]class WC1994_QCSS(BaseMSRSigma): """ Local modification of WC1994 to mimic behaviour of GSCFRISK code for the Queen Charlotte Strike-Slip (QCSS) fault based on rupture length for the 2015 Seismic Hazard Model of Canada as documented in Adams, J., S. Halchuk, T. Allen, and G. Rogers (2015). Canada's 5th Generation seismic hazard model, as prepared for the 2015 National Building Code of Canada, 11th Canadian Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Victoria, Canada, Paper 93775. Implements magnitude-length scaling relationship for strike-slip faults Coefficents taken from Table 2A (P990) of Wells, D. L., and K. J. Coppersmith (1994). New empirical relationships among magnitude, rupture length, rupture width, rupture area, and surface displacement, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am. 84, 974-1002. """
[docs] def get_median_area(self, mag, rake): """ The values are a function of magnitude. """ # strike slip length = 10.0 ** (-2.57 + 0.62 * mag) seis_wid = 20.0 # estimate area based on length if length < seis_wid: return length ** 2. else: return length * seis_wid
[docs] def get_std_dev_area(self, mag, rake): """ Standard deviation for WC1994. Magnitude is ignored. """ # strike slip return 0.15