package module

Correct complex fault sources to comply with Aki and Richards convention., outname=None)[source][source][source][source] module

class, name='noname', empty_table='Empty table')[source]

Bases: object

Convert a sequence header+body into a HTML table.

border = '1'
css = ' tr.evenRow { background-color: lightgreen }\n tr.oddRow { }\n th { background-color: lightblue }\n '
maxrows = 5000
summary = ''[source]

Convert a list of tuples describing a table into a HTML string'today')[source]

Build a HTML report with the computations performed at the given isodate. Return the name of the report, which is saved in the current directory., tag_status, tag_contents)[source]

Return a HTML string containing all the tabs we want to display module

An extremely simple log viewer, suitable for debugging, host='localhost', port=8000)[source]

Extract the log of the given calculation ID from the WebUI

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