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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
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# Copyright (C) 2014-2017 GEM Foundation
# OpenQuake is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it
# under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published
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Module exports
from __future__ import division

import numpy as np

from openquake.hazardlib.gsim.chiou_youngs_2008_swiss_coeffs import (
from openquake.hazardlib.gsim.chiou_youngs_2008 import ChiouYoungs2008
from openquake.hazardlib.gsim.utils_swiss_gmpe import _apply_adjustments

[docs]class ChiouYoungs2008SWISS01(ChiouYoungs2008): """ This class extends :class:ChiouYoungs2008, adjusted to be used for the Swiss Hazard Model [2014]. This GMPE is valid for a fixed value of vs30=620m/s 1) kappa value K-adjustments corresponding to model 01 - as prepared by Ben Edwards K-value for PGA were not provided but infered from SA[0.01s] the model considers a fixed value of vs30==620 to match the reference vs30=1100m/s 2) small-magnitude correction 3) single station sigma - inter-event magnitude/distance adjustment Disclaimer: these equations are modified to be used for the Swiss Seismic Hazard Model [2014]. The use of these models in other models is the soly responsability of the hazard modeler. Model implemented by """
[docs] def get_mean_and_stddevs(self, sites, rup, dists, imt, stddev_types): sites.vs30 = 620 * np.ones(len(sites.vs30)) mean, stddevs = super(ChiouYoungs2008SWISS01, self).\ get_mean_and_stddevs(sites, rup, dists, imt, stddev_types) log_phi_ss = 1 tau = self.get_tau(ChiouYoungs2008.COEFFS[imt], rup) ln_y_ref = super(ChiouYoungs2008SWISS01, self).\ _get_ln_y_ref(rup, dists, ChiouYoungs2008.COEFFS[imt]) exp1 = np.exp(ChiouYoungs2008.COEFFS[imt]['phi3'] * (sites.vs30.clip(-np.inf, 1130) - 360)) exp2 = np.exp(ChiouYoungs2008.COEFFS[imt]['phi3'] * (1130 - 360)) nl = self.get_nl(ChiouYoungs2008.COEFFS[imt], ln_y_ref, exp1, exp2) mean, stddevs = _apply_adjustments( ChiouYoungs2008.COEFFS, self.COEFFS_FS_ROCK[imt], 1, mean, stddevs, sites, rup, dists.rjb, imt, stddev_types, log_phi_ss, NL=nl, tau_value=tau) return mean, stddevs
[docs] def get_tau(self, C, rup): # eq. 19 to calculate inter-event standard error mag_test = min(max(rup.mag, 5.0), 7.0) - 5.0 tau = C['tau1'] + (C['tau2'] - C['tau1']) / 2 * mag_test return tau
[docs] def get_nl(self, C, ln_y_ref, exp1, exp2): # b and c coeffs from eq. 10 b = C['phi2'] * (exp1 - exp2) c = C['phi4'] y_ref = np.exp(ln_y_ref) # eq. 20 NL = b * y_ref / (y_ref + c) return NL
[docs]class ChiouYoungs2008SWISS06(ChiouYoungs2008SWISS01): """ This class extends :class:ChiouYoungs2008,following same strategy as for :class:ChiouYoungs2008SWISS01 to be used for the Swiss Hazard Model [2014]. """ COEFFS_FS_ROCK = COEFFS_FS_ROCK_SWISS06
[docs]class ChiouYoungs2008SWISS04(ChiouYoungs2008SWISS01): """ This class extends :class:ChiouYoungs2008,following same strategy as for :class:ChiouYoungs2008SWISS01 to be used for the Swiss Hazard Model [2014]. """ COEFFS_FS_ROCK = COEFFS_FS_ROCK_SWISS04