openquake.hmtk.plotting.seismicity.completeness package


openquake.hmtk.plotting.seismicity.completeness.cumulative_rate_analysis module

Module openquake.hmtk.plotting.seismicity.completeness.simple_completeness is a graphical function for estimating the completeness period of magnitude intervals by plotting the cumulative rate of events with time in each interval

class openquake.hmtk.plotting.seismicity.completeness.cumulative_rate_analysis.SimpleCumulativeRate[source]

Bases: openquake.hmtk.seismicity.completeness.base.BaseCatalogueCompleteness

Class to define the temporal variation in completess using simple changes in cumulative rates in individual completeness bins

completeness(catalogue, config, saveplot=False, filetype='png', timeout=120)[source]
  • catalogue – Earthquake catalogue as instance of openquake.hmtk.seismicity.catalogue.Catalogue
  • config (dict) – Configuration parameters of the algorithm, containing the following information: ‘magnitude_bin’ Size of magnitude bin (non-negative float) ‘time_bin’ Size (in dec. years) of the time window (non-negative float) ‘increment_lock’ Boolean to indicate whether to ensure completeness magnitudes always decrease with more recent bins

2-column table indicating year of completeness and corresponding magnitude numpy.ndarray

openquake.hmtk.plotting.seismicity.completeness.plot_stepp_1972 module

Module :mod: ‘openquake.hmtk.plotting.seismicity.completeness.plot_stepp_1971’ creates plot to illustrate outcome of Stepp (1972) method for completeness analysis

openquake.hmtk.plotting.seismicity.completeness.plot_stepp_1972.create_stepp_plot(model, filename, filetype='png', filedpi=300)[source]

Creates the classic Stepp (1972) plots for a completed Stepp analysis, and exports the figure to a file.

  • model – Completed Stepp (1972) analysis as instance of :class: ‘openquake.hmtk.seismicity.completeness.comp_stepp_1971.Stepp1971’
  • filename (string) – Name of output file
  • filetype (string) – Type of file (from list supported by matplotlib)
  • filedpi (int) – Resolution (dots per inch) of output file

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