openquake.hmtk.parsers.strain package


openquake.hmtk.parsers.strain.strain_csv_parser module

Module: openquake.hmtk.parsers.strain.strain_csv_parser contains the :classes: ReadStrainCsv and WriteStrainCsv to read and write strain data from and to csv format.

class openquake.hmtk.parsers.strain.strain_csv_parser.ReadStrainCsv(strain_file)[source]

Bases: object

openquake.hmtk.parsers.strain_csv_parser.ReadStrainCsv reads a strain model (defined by :class: openquake.hmtk.strain.geodetic_strain.GeodeticStrain) from a headed csv file

  • filename (str) – Name of strain file in csv format
  • strain – Container for the strain data as instance of :class: openquake.hmtk.strain.geodetic_strain.GeodeticStrain
read_data(scaling_factor=1e-09, strain_headers=None)[source]

Reads the data from the csv file

  • scaling_factor (float) – Scaling factor used for all strain values (default 1E-9 for nanostrain)
  • strain_headers (list) – List of the variables in the file that correspond to strain parameters

strain - Strain model as an instance of the :class: openquake.hmtk.strain.geodetic_strain.GeodeticStrain

class openquake.hmtk.parsers.strain.strain_csv_parser.WriteStrainCsv(filename)[source]

Bases: object

openquake.hmtk.parsers.strain_csv_parser.WriteStrainCsv writes a strain model (defined by :class: openquake.hmtk.strain.geodetic_strain.GeodeticStrain) to a headed csv file

Parameters:filename (str) – Name of output file for writing

For the strain data, checks to see if seismicity rates have been calculated. If so, each column in the array is sliced and stored as a single vector in the dictionary with the corresponding magnitude as a key.

Parameters:strain – Instance of :class: openquake.hmtk.strain.geodetic_strain.GeodeticStrain
Returns:strain - Instance of strain class with updated data dictionary output_variables - Updated list of headers
write_file(strain, scaling_factor=1e-09)[source]

Main writer function for the csv file

  • strain – Instance of :class: openquake.hmtk.strain.geodetic_strain.GeodeticStrain
  • scaling_factor (float) – Scaling factor used for all strain values (default 1E-9 for nanostrain)

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