Source code for openquake.commands.to_hdf5

from __future__ import print_function
import os
import logging
import numpy
from openquake.baselib import sap, hdf5, node, performance
from openquake.hazardlib import nrml

[docs]def convert_npz_hdf5(input_file, output_file): with hdf5.File(output_file, 'w') as out: with numpy.load(input_file) as inp: for key in inp: out[key] = inp[key] return output_file
[docs]def convert_xml_hdf5(input_file, output_file): with hdf5.File(output_file, 'w') as out: inp = if inp['xmlns'].endswith('nrml/0.4'): # old version d = os.path.dirname(input_file) or '.' raise ValueError('Please upgrade with `oq upgrade_nrml %s`' % d) elif inp['xmlns'].endswith('nrml/0.5'): # current version sm = inp.sourceModel else: # not a NRML raise ValueError('Unknown NRML:' % inp['xmlns']) return output_file
@sap.Script def to_hdf5(input): """ Convert .xml and .npz files to .hdf5 files. """ logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO) with performance.Monitor('to_hdf5') as mon: for input_file in input: if input_file.endswith('.npz'): output = convert_npz_hdf5(input_file, input_file[:-3] + 'hdf5') elif input_file.endswith('.xml'): # for source model files output = convert_xml_hdf5(input_file, input_file[:-3] + 'hdf5') else: continue print('Generated %s' % output) print(mon) to_hdf5.arg('input', '.npz file to convert', nargs='*')