Dost, van Eck and Haak (2004)

class openquake.hazardlib.gsim.dost_2004.DostEtAl2004[source]

Implements the GMPE of Dost et al. (2004) for PGA and PGV from induced seismicity earthquakes in the Netherlands Dost, B., van Eck, T. and Haak, H. (2004) Scaling of peak ground acceleration and peak ground velocity recorded in the Netherlands. Bollettino di Geofisica Teorica ed Applicata. 45(3), 153 - 168


Supported intensity measure component is the average horizontal

DEFINED_FOR_INTENSITY_MEASURE_TYPES = set([<class 'openquake.hazardlib.imt.PGV'>, <class 'openquake.hazardlib.imt.PGA'>])

Supported intensity measure types are peak ground acceleration and peak ground velocity


Supported standard deviation types is total.


The GMPE is derived from induced earthquakes

REQUIRES_DISTANCES = set(['rhypo'])

Required distance measure is hypocentral distance


Required rupture parameters are magnitude (ML is used)


No required site parameters

get_mean_and_stddevs(sites, rup, dists, imt, stddev_types)[source]

See superclass method for spec of input and result values.

non_verified = True

GMPE not tested against independent implementation so raise not verified warning

class openquake.hazardlib.gsim.dost_2004.DostEtAl2004BommerAdaptation[source]

Adaptation of the GMPE for application to higher magnitudes proposed by Bommer et al. (2013)

DEFINED_FOR_STANDARD_DEVIATION_TYPES = set(['Total', 'Inter event', 'Intra event'])

Supported standard deviation types is total.

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